Its March 2023 - Whats new?

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Its March 2023 - Whats new?

Unread post by element6 »

Any news out there? How are your systems?

Im running my I5-12th gen with Intel ARC770GPU and doing some casual gaming. Correction, my daughter uses it for Roblox gaming.

her:"What is FPS?"
me: "First person Shooter....what are you playing?"

after some context,

me: "Frames per Second"
her: "Im running Roblox at maximum. Its really cool!"
me: "You see that blue light inside, thats what is doing it.".

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Re: Its March 2023 - Whats new?

Unread post by Vinster »

hahaha. that's awesome.

my Kids are still doing well Son (15) and Daughter (13), Daughter (17months).. the youngest is just now starting to stand on her own. took 2 brave steps yesterday...

Work is nuts. putting in a lot of hours to fix/recover a few projects. We'll get there...

For the systems, we have a few decent builds here in the house. Few intels but mainly AMDs..

R7-1700x OCd to 3.8ghz all core with custom water cooling
Asus Strix 1080Ti Stock Cooler - repasted
Asus C6H MB
16GB DDR4 running at 3600mhz @ 16-16-16-32-1T (I think)
in my old CoolerMaster HAF X case
Mix of Roblox, Minecraft and actual games
24" 1080P 75hz display

R7-1800x Running Stock Clocks with Noctua NH-15D big cooler
Asus Strix 1080Ti - Stock Cooler - repasted
Asus B350 Gaming MB
16GB DDR4 running at 3200mhz @ 19-19-19-38-1T (again I think)
in an old random case
Mix of Roblox, Minecraft and actual games
24" 1080P 60hz display

R7-5800x OCd to 4.8Ghz all core
EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 with EKWB water block
Full custom water cooling with 3x 360mm rads and all 12mm hard tubing
Asus C8H
16GB DDR4 running at 3800mhz @ 16-15-15-36-1T
EVGA 1200W Platinum PSU
Lian-Li PC-O11DW 011 Dynamic
Sniper Elite, Division 2, Minecraft with the kids, Insurgency (including Sandstorm), Metro and anything else I want to thhrow at this...
monitor is an 27" Asus 165hz 1440p unit I got 5-6 years ago. looking to upgrade to 32" 4K with HDR..

Kids builds were done a few years ago.. mine was done nearly 2 years ago...

I have a few intel rigs Folding (2060, 2080 Super, EVGA FTW3 3090 and just acquired an nVidia 2080Ti to add to the folding pool) pulling on average 12Mil ppd...

whem I'm home and tune in the 3080, I'll pull 16mil ppd and with the 2080Ti I can hit just over 20mil ppd.. nuts to see numbers like that cause I remember running my GTX580 and getting 45k ppd and thought that was awesome...

Beyond that it's laptops and a few surface tablets.

I still have a lot of my benching gear... just don't have time for it.