Forza Horizon 5 - Good Game

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Forza Horizon 5 - Good Game

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I picked up Forza 5, I've never been a fan of the series. I've always preferred Gran Turismo and Need For Speed... but I've not been interested in consoles in a long time and truth be told the only reason I have a PS/PS2/PS3 was because of the GT series.. NFS was nice as it transitioned to PC but the last instalment wasn't well done.

I saw videos online and I was able to get it for $30USD so I pulled the trigger...

This game is a mix of GT and NFS... as it has competitive racing but is also open world.. two things I like. The car upgrades are also good. I put in a V6 in a MazdaSpeed and the bugger just tramps... only in a straight line mind you.. but still fun as there are drag strips in the game.

There are full play through online and they are between 10-15 hours. I have about 9 in it total but am far from finished. I like to dink around and just drive...

Over 500 cars, over 500 roads, over 1800 accolades (challenges)... you get to buy property, drive on dirt, brick and asphalt. There is a lot to keep you busy...

I've only played the campaign, Online players share the open world map, so you see other people all the time, I have not done any coop (but it's there) or done any multiplayer racing...

Here is the Wiki:

Here is a game trailer:

Here is the game site:

if you like racing games, this one is worth it. esp if you can get it less than retail.



forgot to mention.. AMD Ryzen 5800x with 3080. at 1440p on Extreme detail settings I'm getting between 100-120pfs. when plugged in to my 65" 4K TV (still on Extreme detail) I was pulling between 65-95fps...