Update on the Home Server Rig

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Update on the Home Server Rig

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This is a continuation of this thread: https://www.411overkill.com/phpBB3/view ... 5&start=10

The Server has been really good. other than updates is just running. I've since setup a Minecraft Server Docker as well as a MineOS Minecraft OS docker for my son to mess around with. so far he likes the MineOS docker as he can setup a multitude of servers on it (I have him limited to 2 due to HW) but either of them run super smooth... granted docker applications live on a PCIe NVMe.. so other than the CPU's.. there shouldn't be any limitations there.

I still haven't gotten the NextCloud working. There is an issue with the application and I haven't had time to diagnose it. I am planing on uninstalling the app and restarting the how-to. But before that I'll make sure I didn't bunk up the DB password. failing that, I'll restart and see how it goes.

I also have the server operate as every PC's File History source for every win10 install in the house. (5pc's so far) and zero issue there as well...

the setup is still just running in my lab. I am saving up for a proper managed switch to setup VLANs. I want them so I can separate the internet traffic to the server from the internal traffic. That's partly why I haven't setup any web-access to the server and pushed too hard on next cloud.

also this week we're upgrading our internet.. going from 1 gigabit DL / 30MB UP to 1G D and 1G up full fiber... huge savings for a year. I'm also going to setup a pfSense PC based router

(more here if interested:


I have a demo setup on a test rig.. seems to work well. I'm going to overlap the internet supply for a month (or two) to the house to really test it out.

no regrets right now... I'm really happy with the decisions and direction so far.