Intel Arc: Unlock Power Limit

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Intel Arc: Unlock Power Limit

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I got this from a guy on Warp9-Systems
Full credit for discovery & the detailing of this tweak goes to users Dyno and Paul7347.

"**Intel Arc unlock/remove power limit**

For this we'll be using the Acer Predator Bifrost software : ... 770-16G-OC
Current file attached in case of takedown

It should ask for system reboot.
Once you're booted again, start the program (might auto-start at boot by default).
On the "Home" tab, click the arrow next to "User Mode" to open the drop-down menu. Create a new profile, set the name you want.

Then close the software and open file explorer at this location :
XXX being your windows username.

You should find some xml files

Open `Intel(R) Arc(TM) AXXX Graphics.xml` in a text editor.
This file contains all the saved profiles and your new preset should be at the bottom and look like this :

<profile name="pauloooo">

In there you can modify the value inside those brackets `<PowerLimit>320</PowerLimit>` to your desired power limit, I don't have any recommendation and I just set it high enough to never hit it.

Now start Predator Bifrost once again, your profile should be loaded by default and the new power should be applied.
If it isn't loaded by default do it in the previously mentionned drop-down menu.
That should be all you need. If this stops working at one point after an update please notify me so I can edit this message.

(Small bonus, you can also set a fixed fan speed in there, no curve sadly but better than nothing)

(Credit to user Dyno for his deep investigations on Arc overclocking and this very useful discovery)"

I added another download location for said software since it was previously a Discord attachment.