A little about me...

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A little about me...

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Hey there, I'm Vinster

Thanks to the help of CaNNon we were able to get this little place back from the grave.. It's been a long road to get back.

We lost this great place in and about the Spring of 2015, the original owner [p] disappeared in about 2010. CaNNon and I with the help of dedicated members kept her up, paid the fees until we lost her in about the Summer of 2015. It was either a hack or DB error, the site just brought you to an error.

Because we couldn't get a hold of or find the owner [p], we lost her. The domain name 411overkill bought by an unknown company and held for ransom, until they finally let it go not that long ago... :)

I've never deleted the link from any of my browsers.. Every now and then I'd check, see what they were pushing or hosting.. it was sad to see... But now that is in the past.

There is a very small glimmer of hope that we (ie CaNNon) just might be able to restore some parts of the original content... It's just hope, mostly on my part. If we aren't able too, we tried... So on to the raw rebuild we go.

Little about myself, I work too much, have a busy family life with too many hobbies and interest, with only enough time to focus on one thing for no longer than it takes someone to pee... But my love and passion for all these things are paramount to me. I hope to share some of this with you.

Welcome to the new 411Overkill. Make yourself at home.


PS: If it doesn't Overclock... It's Broken!