Its been a long time!

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Its been a long time!

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Hi guys, I used to hang out around here years and years ago, glad to see the site is still around! It looks like all the old posts are gone, though? I had to create a new account with my old name just to log in.

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Re: Its been a long time!

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Hi Comp... it's really just me left.

though RL has been rough the last 8-9months I haven't been online much. pretty much just dropped off everywhere to focus on my family.

Sorry for not approving this much earlier.

this is a new site, that's why you had to create a new account. Cannon and I tried to get the old site backups restored to have all that old data available to the general public (idea was to put it in the archive section)... but that wasn't possible. Some ppl joined and left. I stopped logging in when RL kicked me in the nuts (sept/oct)... first time really sitting in front of a PC in a while.

I'll see if I can re-figure out how to remove your jr. status and hopefully you should need approvals on future post.

great to see you found the old place.