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We are a computer related web site, mostly building, repairing and overclocking. We also discuss other things that may have caught a members interest or something they wish to share. We try to avoid discussions on politics and religion as they always seem to degrade rather quickly. Bulling, hate speech and any other such bullshit is not welcome. We’d just like everyone to respect each other and have some fun.

This web site is for adults. Children should not be playing with electricity, the liquid cooling of electrical components, compressed gas, super cold liquids, molten solder, rosin flux or any lead based item with out continuous and knowledgeable adult supervision!

This hobby can be hard on equipment. If your going to do it please consider you are responsible for doing it as well as your safety and the cost.

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Staff here are volunteers they do the work for your benefit. If a staff member takes the time to talk to you about some issue, please pay attention as they are offering you a courtesy and are not required too. We really appreciate the help and you should too.